April 29, 2013

About Me

Sinéad Cochrane's Facebook profile

Since December 2012 I have been part of the product development team in Paddy Power as a User Experience Researcher.

As part of a large user experience team my role involves a multidisciplinary approach to user research. We employ a variety of both face to face and remote research techniques, drawing from both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Previous to Paddy Power I spent 2 and a half years working in Redfly Marketing (a Dublin based digital marketing agency). At RedFly Marketing I was initially hired as a project manager, but I adapted my role in order to introduce UX research methods and user centred design approaches to the web design and marketing teams.

I studied Psychology and Cyberpsychology at IADT, with a special interest in Online Advertising and Human Computer Interaction. If you’re looking for my past research papers, you can find all my previous academic research here.

Back in 2010 I won an Irish Blog Award for Best Technology Blogger for the articles posted on this blog, you can still access them in the archive, you’ll also find some of my work on the RedFly Online Marketing Blog. While I no longer participate in blogging, I’m still an active tweeter and an instagrammer as well.

If we know each other, feel free to connect with me on Linkedin or Facebook.

If we don’t know eachother yet, I’d love to chat to you on Twitter, or you could send me a message via my contact form.