Posted on Jun 3, 2009

3DCamp at Limerick University

3DcampHaving very much enjoyed this same event last year, myself and some fellow Cyberpsychology students will be road tripping it down to Limerick again for the barcamp unconference 3Dcamp “the internet beyond the 2D browser”. This event is taking place on Saturday the 6th of June and you can register to attend and/or present here. One of the most interesting components of the M.Sc. Cyberpsychology course is the study of the psychological effects of virtual environments, hence our interest. However, 3Dcamp also covers a variety of other technologies and has a wonderful ability to showcase current research and development.

Talks of interest to a Cyberpsychologist?

Mark Campbell from eMedia will be showcasing 3D Medical animations employed as elearning tools for life sciences.

Ronan Skehill from YourPinPoints shall discuss the business, societal and privacy issues surrounding location based services.

PhD Researcher David McKeown will be discussing the shortcomings of 2D mice and keyboards being used to interface with 3D environments, and demonstrating the use of wiimotes with 3D PC applications and robots.

Artist Miriam Lohan will introduce Sound Mapping – how to read a map by listening, perceiving presence and filtering information for navigation or pleasure.

PhD Student Fabiano Pinatti will explore how technology can support the nomadic/mobile aspects of modern work and life.


  • UL…..

    *grr* Still have a love/hate relationship with that campus 7 years after my swift exodus from it…

    Hope the camp is good and you don’t have to hang around too long…. its a dangerous place…


  • Lette says:

    twaz brill :) great to meet you there :)

  • Sinéad says:

    @Elf Dangerous? Seriously?

    @Lette Hope UL isn’t dangerous anymore like Elf said!

  • Séamus says:

    Perhaps Elf meant Limerick city in general, waited for a taxi outside Dolan’s after a session once, the desolation of the area is scary enough, almost expect something bad to come out of an alleyway. I’ve always felt safe in Dublin’s busier areas, got attacked once in Sligo town but got out of it safely enough, concussion aside, I think its the dark, quiet areas of Ireland one has to be careful. That is my take from many hols in Ireland from the US.

  • Sinéad says:

    I’ve been to Limerick a number of times and never found it to be in any way intimidating.

  • Seamus says:

    Limerick does get a bad rap, my comments did not help I suppose. Aside from that, I have to say that I always felt more welcome at trad sessions around Ireland than I have in Boston. I hope to make it over this year, would be my 16th trip to Ireland, four long years since my last visit.

  • Al says:

    “…. its a dangerous place……..Elf.”

    Nonsense. Tell that to the 12,000 students at the University of Limerick.

    “7 years after my swift exodus “….and you feel qualified to comment on the current campus 7 years later? Give me a break.

    I spent 4 years there & had a great time.

    No more dangerous than any other Irish city.

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